We transport express cargo Just-in-Time with trucks of 1.5 tons capacity. Within 15 minutes we provide a solution to your query. In Europe we supply a car within 2 hours.

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We manage a fleet of 20 cars with a capacity of 1500 kg and a volume of 27 m3. All of our vehicles are equipped with devices for tracking shipments (GPS monitoring), fire extinguishers of 2 kg, protective equipment for the driver, lashing straps, non-slip mats, chains, and most of our drivers are entitled to transport dangerous goods ADR.

In addition, some of our vehicles have portable scanners which allow sending copies of documents immediately after unloading.


About company

CAR-MAX Company was founded in 2002, and transport operations began in 2010. Our advantage is modern and reliable fleet, which in the hands of experienced and carefully selected drivers guarantees professional service to our customers. Transport takes place based on the Convention on International Carriage of Goods CMR.


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